• Image of BTE018 - CIECMATE - Game Over
  • Image of BTE018 - CIECMATE - Game Over
  • Image of BTE018 - CIECMATE - Game Over

In the Immortal Game, there are few Grandmasters. They let their hands do the talking, issuing
challenges where skill meets skill and strategy becomes reality. To succeed, you have to have
knowledge and clarity: one false move and you're lost.

Ciecmate is in it for the long haul. His label, Broken Tooth Entertainment, is eighteen releases
deep, each one another move in a coordinated plan of attack. Since BTE's inception, Ciecmate has
craftily built a stable of some of Australia's most influential underground hip hop artists. A scene
builder. It's time for him to reveal the vision he's been refining over the past ten years.

Melodic keys twist and layered synths slide throughout 'Game Over': dramatic string and horn riffs
twine through random dark sound stabs and shards of broken mirror as Ciecmate demonstrates his
meticulous, bold production. Dauntless sample selection brings a complexity that's often lacking in
local hip hop: we're left running through a labyrinth of emotive guitar cries, off beat snare trips and
dangerous, seething bass as Ciecmate prowls the perimeter, ready to pounce.

- Entirely produced by Ciecmate, except for 1 song (Produced by Tornts)
- Featuring: Bias B, Diem, Maggot Mouf & No Name Nathan