• Image of BTE015 - MAGGOT MOUF - You're All Ears
  • Image of BTE015 - MAGGOT MOUF - You're All Ears
  • Image of BTE015 - MAGGOT MOUF - You're All Ears

Coming straight out of government housing and searing his mark into the Canberra hip hop scene with his crew Alikeminds was just the start for Maggot Mouf. His latest album, 'You're All Ears' is ready to lay down an aural assault with its crisp production and sharply observed lyrics.

'You're All Ears' features production by BTE's powerhouse, Ciecmate and the intimidating talent of Sammy Scissors. Featuring guest verses from 1/6 (this year’s 2010 Hilltop Hoods Initiative Winner), Scotty Hinds (Nine High / Smash Brothers), Dekoda and additional production from the devastating Joey Gargoyle and Bigfoot (Hired Goons / 750 Rebels), 'You're All Ears' is a more personal solo album which has been stewing slowly for the last two years since the release of 'Maggots Anonymous'.

'You're All Ears' is a 16 track odyssey through an often cold world where brief shards of humour only serve to emphasise the bleakness of the everyday for the disjointed and out of place. Opener 'Village of the Damned' pulls us through Maggot Mouf's eerie subconscious, where horror merges with reality over Joey Garg's unsettling beats. From the first breath of the day, something spooky (yet familiar) is going on: this is a place where “work is a nightmare, not like Elm street, get my feet twisted in my own Misery.” The legacy of horror films have left their mark, and Maggot is forced to confront the truth - “all of it a movie, some of it my life".

Track listing:
01. Intro
02. Village of the Damned
03. Puppet Master
04. Asshole
05. Mr Swarv (feat. 1/6)
06. Footrot Flats
07. Never Would Admit It
08. Interlude
09. Confined Spaces (feat. Dekoda)
10. She Sells Sea Shells (feat. Sion)
11. Wat U Lookin' At
12. Cut
13. Spit
14. Kind Regards
15. Over
16. Outro

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