• Image of BTE014 - CIECMATE & NEWSENSE - A Tale Of Two Cities
  • Image of BTE014 - CIECMATE & NEWSENSE - A Tale Of Two Cities
  • Image of BTE014 - CIECMATE & NEWSENSE - A Tale Of Two Cities

One of the most anticipated debut albums in Australian hip hop, this is the first full length release from CIECMATE and NEWSENSE, lynchpins of the Australian hip hop scene, long time collaborators and frontmen of HOSPICE CREW. A Tale of Two Cities finds the two men on the move at large in different cities, but tackling the same dilemmas. “They’re Watching” is an examination of the modern day surveillance state, “Club Meds” explores the complex world of recreational substance use and “Men Still Moving” is a global nomad’s travelogue. Judiciously selected guests include Billy Bunks on “Codename Cougar”, an ode to intergenerational love and Diem on the murky “Labyrinth of Shadows”. Finally, a hard hitting posse cut closes proceedings with Bunks, Swarmy of Overproof and Maggot Mouf warning pretenders to “Run For Cover”. After six years of dedicating their efforts and time to the label and their extended crew, weathering the pressures of day to day life and pushing the BTE insignia out to the world at large, their original plan has come full circle. Through numerous interstate trips and sleepless studio sessions, Ciecmate and Newsense have crafted an album of diverse, neck-snapping beats and incisive, topical lyricism. The result is A Tale of Two Cities, a long anticipated and richly rewarding work from two of Australia’s hardest working hip hop icons.

1. Intro (The Conversation)
2. Resume
3. Most Anticipated
4. Club Meds
5. Spliff Politicians
6. Codename Cougar ft Billy Bunks
7. Comedy Central
8. Boiling Point
9. They’re Watching
10. Bent Road
11. Labyrinth of Shadows ft Diem
12. Men Still Moving
13. I Can Hear The Train Calling
14. Rolling Smart
15. Then She Won’t
16. Run For Cover ft Maggot Mouf, Swarmy & Billy Bunks