• Image of BTE007 - HOSPICE CREW - Visiting Hours
  • Image of BTE007 - HOSPICE CREW - Visiting Hours
  • Image of BTE007 - HOSPICE CREW - Visiting Hours

From 2000 to 2005 members of Hospice Crew toured Australia extensively and built friendships with local hip hop artists everywhere they performed. Naturally, creative relationships ensued and many songs were recorded. This wealth of collaborative gold gave birth to Australia’s first ever Posse Cut album...
Visiting Hours.
Featuring over 40 of Australia's premiere MC's & DJ's on song produced by Ciecmate. Newsense & Rhys.Guests include: Autism, Bias B, Brothers Stoney, Clandestien, Dj Dce, Dj Kilo, DJ Nathan, Downsyde, Drapht, Fatty Phew, Funkoars, Headlock, Hired Goons, Hunter, Joey Gargoyle, Layla, 750 Rebelz, Lost Soulz, Maggot Mouf, Overproof, Pegz, Reason, Robbie Balboa, Vents & more!!

1. Doctor's Orders - Hospice Crew, Feat. Brothers Stoney And Bias B
2. Too Fresh For Them - Hospice Crew, Feat. Downsyde (4:49)
3. Wanderers - Hospice Crew, Feat. Reason (4:31)
4. Stitch Ya Lips - Hospice Crew, Feat. Sesta And Trials (Of Funkoars)
5. Wiltshire Sharp - Hospice Crew, Feat. Autism, Fatty Phew And Joey Gargoyle
6. Read 'em And Weep - Hospice Crew, Feat. Maggot Mouf
7. Don't Point The Finger At Me - Hospice Crew, Feat. Overproof
8. The Wrong Place - Hospice Crew, Feat. Lost Soulz
9. Misfits - Hospice Crew, Feat. Drapht, Hunter And Layla
10. This World - Hospice Crew, Feat. Clandestien
11. Caining 'em - Hospice Crew, Feat. Hired Goons
12. Stomped Out - Hospice Crew, Feat. 750 Rebelz
13. Huge As Giants - Hospice Crew, Feat. Pegz
14. The Caution - Hospice Crew, Feat. Trials, Headlock, Swarmy, Robbie Balboa