• Image of BTE666 - TORNTS - Hells Burn
  • Image of BTE666 - TORNTS - Hells Burn
  • Image of BTE666 - TORNTS - Hells Burn

Hells Burn is a 17 track epic ride through the bile and villainy of Melbourne’s underside and Tornts?lyrical arsenal, with songs varying from imagery ridden tales to fast paced battle tracks and real street stories . His delivery on the mic is more intense and aggravated than ever, branding his masterpieces into every listener’s mind, while his writing style has become even more refined. As with his previous work, Hells Burn is entirely produced by Tornts himself, a sonic armageddon of sounds smashed out on the MPC using twisted samples, drum machines, sound libraries, and evil keyboard sounds from the 1980s. Welcome to Hells Burn.

01. Tornts Is Back
02. Final Warning
03. Keep Dreamin’ (feat. Brad Strut and Bigfoot)
04. The Lost Highway
05. Dead or Alive
06. Flies On Ya Corpse (feat. 750 Rebels)
07. Another Day, Another Night
08. The Extermination (feat. Gargoyle, Billy Bunks, Bigfoot, & Fletchrock)
09. It Is How It Is
10. Pay the Price (feat. Diem)
11. Corrupt
12. Rank Tale
13. When It’s Said and Done
14. Trap Door
15. Sitting On the Benches (Feat. Billy Bunks)
16. Daily Report
17. You’re All Done For